Our Company

Nigeria Investment Gateway is an organisation showcasing and promoting Nigeria as a prime destination for business and investment. Nigeria Investment Gateway have formed meaningful partnerships with stakeholders across the globe to provide a diverse range of services through the provision of targeted interventions which showcase Nigeria as the true financial giant of Africa whilst delivering additional investment and prosperity for the benefit of investors, the nation and its people. Nigeria Investment Gateway is also engaged in promoting Nigerian owed businesses to international investors whilst providing support that facilitates growth, stability and increased exportation.

To see Nigeria maximise its role in the world market by becoming a great place, indeed the premier place in which to do business in Africa.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To continuously promote Nigeria as a prime location for business and investment in Africa by presenting ‘The Best of Nigeria’.

Six Point Agenda Of
Nigeria Investment Gateway

Promote Nigeria as the prime gateway for business and investment in Africa

Increase annually the percentage of Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria by creating and managing safe and secure investment gateways /projects

Organise seminars, conferences symposia and summits to showcase Nigeria as an attractive investment destination

Cultivate an atmosphere that increases bilateral trade and investment between Nigeria and her trading partners

Be the go to organisation for information/contacts on investing in Nigerian businesses/projects

Provide information and support for Nigerian business seeking foreign investment or exportation opportunities

Why Invest In Nigeria?

According to the world-leading investment firm, Goldman Sachs, Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy. With a booming population of over 200 million, estimated to grow to 480 million by 2050, it is fast becoming one of Africa’s top economies to watch. Our mission at NIG is to showcase the immense investment opportunities available to both local and international investors and foster international relations necessary for sustainable growth and development.

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