In NIG our experince has shown that there are huge potentials of Trade and Investment opportunities however very few companies and organisation in Nigeria are Trade/Investment ready. Our research shows that a lot more companies and organisations need help with getting their Companies/organisations investment-ready.

We have assembled an array of international experts and professional in the listed area to help companies and organisation get investment ready and take advantage of the pool of international investors available to them through NIGL.

NIGL will work with you and your top management team to get your company/organisation Trade and Investment ready so you can take advantage of the Trades and Investment opportunities available.

At NIGL we will work with our experts and professionals to produce the following documentations:

Qualified Personal Investment Consultant

Investment Development Plan

Business Plan Audit

Pitch Deck Creation/Audit

Organizational Governance /Structure Audit

Financials Statements, Plans and Projections with evidence of ROI

Create a structured reporting, monitoring and management system that helps the business to grow through investment cycle

Market Research and Analysis

Website Build/Audits

International Presence (Where needed)

Pitch Deck presentation to potential investors investors