NIGL has assembled a range of international investors looking to invest in the fantastic Trades and Investment opportunities available in the largest economy in Africa.

NIGL will work with your company/organisation to facilitate a pool of investors that will suit your business proposition and model.

NIGL will work alongside your senior management team to prepare documents and evidence that will make your company or organisation an investable entity.

NIGL will source suitable investors that matches your company/organisational preferences.

NIGL will arrange a series of Zoom meeting between your organisation and carefuly selected investors so as to facilitate the best investment package for your company/organisation.

Investment Facilitation Process

NIGL will meet with you and your organisation to discuss your investment needs

NIGL will sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that states the services we as an organisation will provide; including expectation from us at NIGL and you our client.

NIGL will appoint you a qualified PERSONAL INVESTMENT CONSULTANT

NIGL will arrange a series of meetings with you and your organisation to ensure all due diligence and document alignment are completed

NIGL will source suitable investors and arrange for your organisation/company

NIGL will arrange Zoom meeting so your company and organisation can pitch to investors

Once investment match is successful NIGL will invoice your organisation the agreed fee for the IFS provided to your company/organisation to facilitate the investment needed. (NIGL INVESTMENT FACILITATION FEE will be deducted directly from the investment to your company or organisation)