Investment Facilitation Services (IFS)

Our Investment Facilitation Services come right after we have prepared your project and submitted your pitch. They include follow-up services to connect you with your private investor, prepare meetings and seal the investment deal.

Our Investment Facilitation Services cover the following processes:

NIGL will sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that states the services we will provide

NIGL will appoint you a qualified PERSONAL INVESTMENT CONSULTANT

NIGL will arrange a series of meetings with you and your organization to ensure all documents are completed

NIGL will source suitable investors and arrange for your organization/company

NIGL will arrange Zoom meetings so your company/organization can pitch to investors

Once investment match is successful, NIGL will invoice your organization the agreed fee for the Investment Facilitation Services to facilitate the investment needed. This fee will be deducted only from the investment to your company or organization