At NIGL we work with a diverse range of investors from across the various spectrums. We take pride in our reputation as the Gateway to investments in the largest nation in Africa; Nigeria. Our team of experts and professionals in the investment sector will work with you and your organisation to match you with Bankable projects and investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Our Team at NIGL conducts intensive and conclusive due diligence through our 24 POINT CHECK PROCESS that ensures that you have the peace of mind and reduction of risk you deserve as an investor.

Our Process With You The Investor

NIGL will meet with you/your organisation to better understand your investment goals.

NIGL will present a portfolio of invest opportunities that meets with your organisational investment goals

NIGL will sign an Investment Management Service Agreement with you/your organisation

NIGL will present to you/your organisation Pitch Decks and documentation for suitable Bankable Projects or investment opportunities

NIGL will arrange Zoom calls with vetted suitable project owners/companies with Bankable project seeking investment

NIGL will facilitate matching process with investment opportunities including in country assistance where and when needed

NIGL will invoice you/your organisation NIGL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT FEE for the matching service as agreed in the IMS SLA

NIGL will assign an Investment Management Consultant that oversees the investment process and produces annual report on the progress of the investment