Investment-Readiness Program (IRP)

Many Nigerian entrepreneurs need funding to expand their businesses and projects. But, only a few are investment-ready and are unable to meet investment requirements.

Our Investment-readiness program is the first line of services you will need to start looking for investments. This service is a step-by-step process to developing your business for investments.

Our experts will:

Perform a Business Plan Audit on your project, as well as Market Research and Analysis

Work with you and your management team to choose which investment opportunity is best for you.

Develop an Organizational Governance Audit

Create Financial Statements, Plans and Projections with evidence of ROI

Create a structured reporting, monitoring and management system that helps the project grow through the investment cycle

Help you audit or develop your Website as required for your investment type

Create a compelling Pitch Deck exclusively for your project

Establish your International Presence, where needed

Present your Pitch Deck to interested investors

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