Nigeria Investment Gateway Explorations


Nigeria Investment Gateway Explorations (NIGE) is in the business of working with our partners to source and marketing solid and industrial minerals. NIGE is part of Nigeria Investment Gateway Ltd (NIG).

We make the difference as a knowledge-based company that is familiar with the in-depth of mineral resources in Nigeria. At NIGE we strongly believe that skills development and its relationship with indigenous miners and traders in Nigeria are fundamental to supplying our partners and clients around the world whilst ensuring the local miners and Licensees benefit from a fair pricing structure thereby ensuring long-term success for all.

NIGE employs the policy of environmental protection and responsible care through a firm commitment through investment from our partners, thus providing excellent service to contribute to the growth of the mining and exploration sector in Nigeria.

The mining sector is one of the many very attractive investment opportunities in Nigeria. This fact has contributed to NIGE employing our knowledge and understanding of the terrain, working with private and governmental organisations to facilitate seamless registration of applications to obtain mining license for anticipating investors. To this end we at NIGE are open to working with investors on a joint venture or collaborative initiative.

We have a clear vision and anticipate a greater future for the mining industry in Nigeria with the believe this sector will continue to grow while benefitting all parties mutually.